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So... what is this?

Rushfest is a contra dance to DJ'd music, often with colorful laser lights.


Oh, it's a techno contra!


There isn't usually techno. If there is, it's one song out of 30 or more that make up the evening. It's not constant OONTZ-OONTZ-OONTZ you get with techno.

So then what music is it?

Everything! Top 40's from the 1950's to today. Pitbull, Journey, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, Kool and the Gang, Kesha, Diana Ross...

Check out this Spotify playlist of music I've used:

Oh, cool. Do I need to dress up?

You have my full and explicit permission to wear whatever makes your heart happy. And that is comfortable. And that you can sweat in.

People wear anything from cute skirts and dresses (for anybody) to leggings (for any body, especially yours) and tank tops, to shorts and t-shirts.

Do you edit the songs?

Depends on the gig -- some are family friendly, and some... well, there can be some Strong Language and Adult Content (e.g. sex, paying bills, etc.)

When's the next Rushfest?

Check out the calendar here!

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