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Contra dance caller

I fell in love with calling in 2013 after Rick Mohr's week-long workshop at CDSS's Family Week at Timber Ridge.

For me, contra dancing has always been about connection, inclusivity, joy, and play; as a caller I make that my goal for each gig.

My beginner lessons are a mix of movement and cultural introduction, including everything from common dance moves to what to expect (you will mess up -- it's ok!, there's lots of eye contact -- here's why!, something feels off? -- these people are here for you!).

Dancers appreciate my enthusiasm, energy, and my clear calling.

I endeavor to throw in occasional Pro Tips during my dances, either flourishes or gentle reminders for best practices, but fundamentally I believe my role is to get the dance going and get out of the way of the music.

We're here to dance. Let's do it.