A video is worth a thousand words:

  • So... what is this?
  • Rushfest is a contra dance to DJ'd music, with colorful laser lights.

    • Oh, it's a techno contra!


    • What?

    There isn't usually techno; if there is it's one song out of thirty that make up the evening. It's not constant OONTZ-OONTZ-OONTZ you get with techno.

    • So then what music is it?

    Everything! Pop, rock 'n' roll, tango, oldies, jazz, all the music!

    • What should I wearrrrr?

    Whatever is comfortable and makes you happy! ...that you can sweat in!
    People wear anything from cute dresses and skirts (men and women), to shorts and t-shirts.
    • Do you edit the songs for content?
    Depends on the gig -- some are family friendly, and some... well, there can be some Strong Language and Adult Content (e.g. sex, paying bills, etc.).

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